Oct. 04, 2004 3 a.m. probably!
Space Rocket Adventures

Sorry for not updating for so long. The problem is that, unlike Styx, my hands have just barely enough time on them for me to finish working, come home and squeeze in a couple more episodes of Magnum PI The Complete First Season, and then spend the next several hours laying in bed thinking about whether or not I should update my diary while flipping through old issues of Entertainment Weekly looking for pictures of Eric Bana to clip out and add to my Eric Bana scrapbook.

Sometimes, while watching TV, I would go "Will City of God be better than these next two episodes of Magnum PI? Probably!" but then I'd watch Magnum PI anyway, and my rented copy of City of God would just sit there totally knowing how great it probably is. This time though, instead of watching Magnum PI, I decided to update my diary, holy cow are you lucky!

It's been an exciting month or so around here. In fact, I'm just going to let the excitement of that month speak for itself by not saying anything more about it. Except this: I normally don't give a crap when Florida gets attacked by an endless horde of killer hurricanes, but as that 20th galaxy-class hurricane tore through Florida's feeble, literally non-existent Severe Weather Laser Defense Network, even I started to feel bad. And now Washington is probably going to explode. Man, I feel for Washington. Living in Hawaii, on an island that is essentially not just one, but several volcanoes, I know what it's like going to sleep every night, with that lingering thought in your head: am I going wake up to the ghastly cries of my burning-alive neighbors as the earth crumbles beneath me and a tidal wave of lava rushes towards my street to finish off anyone lucky enough not to have fallen into a lava-river-filled crevice? If you live in Washington the answer to that is pretty much "Yes, definitely".

I just checked the official Mount St. Helens website VolcanoCam, and it just shows a static-y looking black image, which in the movies is code for "everyone that camera was pointed at just died", although in this case it might just be code for "it's night time". I wouldn't bet on it though. OMG enough making fun of people dying! Dear Washington, if you blow up, it was just a joke! sorry!

How about this: I made mochi for the first time ever. Talk about too cool for school! Am I using that phrase wrong? Who cares. It's like 3am now and I'm gonna be late for work because of you!

Artist's conception of my diary entry flying through space on the way to your computer.

Actual picture of you reading my diary, or browsing Crate and Barrel's website or something. You slacker.